It struck me that I am being a little self centred, only showing my own bikes, you know. So I have scanned my old digi camera and found some pics of some other bikes that were at the Speed Freaks Ball, and these are real head turners.



OK, it's not a bike, but it's a head turner. A pic of my beer fridge.




I don't care if you like V-Max's or not, this is a very nicely turned out example.



Not sure what this one was, looks like a Bandit to me. Looks the part, with the nitrous bottle.



Check out this Gixer, real nice street fighter.



The other side of the same Gixer.



And now to this creation. The engine is from a Honda CB1000 or something, and the rest of the bike is from the depths of a mad-mans mind. It really is quite stunning in the flesh, this picture does not do it justice. After the show tent closed, the owner took it for a few runs up the drag strip, and it makes a fantastic noise.