Mono-shock conversion. Progress info and pics.


I have now purchased an arc welding set, pillar drill, hand held grinder and a bench grinder. These tools should make it possible to complete the conversion to mono-shock, well, along with some brain blending thinking.

Below is a cad drawing of how the mono-shock will fit into the frame,the brackets that hold the top of the shock and the linkage at the bottom of the shock will need to be welded in place very securely as there are large forces traveling through mono-shock linkages when under load.

The frame is in white, the swingarm in green, the linkage in pink and the shock is in red.

(This drawing was done before the R1 swingarm and shock where decided upon, so will be a little different now)


Below are some pictures which are the lower linkage bracket that has just been welded to the frame.

First without the linkage

Notice how the linkage mounting points on the bracket appear to be offset to the left a little. Well, this is actually the case, and the reason for this is that the mounting points for the centre stand are not central. (If you plan on undertaking any similar work you should be aware of this, although it is quite obvious when you are face to face with it)

I know the picture isn't too clear (crappy camera), but it becomes a lot clearer with the linkage in position as seen in the next picture.

Obviously once the linkage is fully fitted the centre stand must be removed as it can't fold back without hitting the linkage. Those who have a 4-1 exhaust system have most likely removed their centre stand anyway.

Some of the parts I have bought


I have bought some pretty mean parts to beef up the old beast.

First and foremost, to make the front end real sexy......


Oh yes!!! Some R1 upside down forks, I have three because 1 is fine, 1 has a bent outer tube and 1 has a damged valve adjuster, and I can make a good one from the damaged two.


Plus a nice top yolk is always essential, and I managed to pick up this piece of art, made by LSL engineering. It has built in risers, yummy.



Next, it wouldn't be an R1 front end without the blue spot calipers....



Recognise these? Some of the best calipers available, an absolute must to give maximum sexyness to the front end. I also have the front wheel, discs and mudguard (fender), can't wait to fit it all.


I haven't forgotten the back end in all the front end excitement, any FZX owner will tell you that the stock swingarm isn't going to induce much in the way of a boner, so the swinarm has to be changed.......



R1 rear end to match the R1 front end. The great thing about this is that the R1 swingarm is considerably longer that the stock item so it gives it more of a "Drag bike" appearance.


Below, I have merged 2 pictures into 1 because I couldn't get the whole bike into 1 shot




To see more pictures of this machine, click HERE.


To be continued.........soon!!!!!