This is a picture of my Yamaha FZX 750, although it doesn't look much like this any more.

A lot has changed since I started work on this beast, there may be some of you waiting for me to update this page and it is going to happen, very soon. The FZR1000 EXUP rear end is a thing of the past, I now have an R1 rear end with 17" wheel, 190/50ZR17 Dunlop D208 tyre, and even nicer swingarm and shock absorber (with bright yellow spring). Also I have invested in a yamaha R1 front end, this means upside down forks, and what are classed as some of the best brakes available. I also have a 4-2-1 exhaust system, with the front section being a Micron 2000 stainless pipe from an FZR1000 genesis, and at the back a lovely carbon fibre end can (straight through) from an FZR1000 EXUP. I have also invested in shit loads of other small bits like bars and end weights, mirrors, streetfighter style carbon fairing with twin head lights, anodised footrests, braided steel pipes with anodised connectors for the coolant and oil pipes around the engine + loads of other little bits. I will include photos of all parts and info of how they fit (or not fit as the case has been for some parts). I will also update the section on the conversion to mono shock (with photos). I will be adding more to these pages as time goes by. Check out the next page!!